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Thursday, October 23, 2008

  • Soft water is so, so, soft... #

  • ah free wifi at Safeway in town, while Lauralea gets food. I miss my wifi. #

  • Boy I miss good clear television news out here in the field. #


  1. with soft water, think about wont get the winter itchy's anymore, and your hair wont be all static-y.

  2. Wait a minute, wait a minute, is that really a GAS STOVE that I see in the kitchen???????
    You guys were with-holding very important information; such information may have even caused me to NOT accept your resignation you know!
    I realize I'm probably the only kitchen freak that noticed but if it isn't a gas stove then I shall now have to accept that I need stronger glasses ... if it IS then I suspect that Lauralea has probably already made six batches of bread (at least)!
    Glad to see things are looking settled.
    Miss you guys deeply.

  3. So, soft water is good then?

    and yes Janet, it's gas. And a gas bbq outside, and a gas dryer.

    So, we are heavily gassed here. Oh and the fireplace is gas too.

    and no bread yet. She's been a bit busy yet.

    and miss you too.



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