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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today being Saturday and Micah’s day off school, we decided to hit the big city and what a weather day it was. It was ok till we stepped out the door and got hit by 70km/hr wind and a farmer spreading manure on his field.


We got to the West Edmonton Mall and Micah with his savings, got an iPod at the Apple Store. And Lauralea found some very affordable shoes, within 5 minutes of Micah and I standing outside the store. Not bad at all.

It was good to get to the city, but I gotta tell ya, the mall on Saturday, not a great idea. Millions of people.

Heading back to the country the snow started in the wind, wow, it was blowing and snowing hard out there. Glad to get back home.

At the Mall 

Micah and his iPod.


At the Mall

Lauralea and her shoes.


  1. We noticed that your house in P.A. is vacated. How are things going in Wetaskiwin? It has been a bit stressful for us as our old dog, Muffy has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease and I took her to Saskatoon University Vet Hospital Thursday & Friday to get a complete workup and treatment plan. Now we have the dog and the diabetic cat on subQ fluids among other regimens.
    I visited my aunt Ethel Myrah while in Saskatoon and she is still not recovering from her heart problems. Very weak and still in need of our prayers.
    God Bless!
    A brother in Christ,
    Art Pederson

  2. LOL - sorry if you suggested to me about going to WEM on Saturday I would have given a big DON'T! Having lived in Edmonton for a few years, it was one place, the locals try to avoid on the weekends. Though the weekends always had the best people watching. When my best friend lived in Edmonton as well, sometimes we just go there to people watch - ah such good funny memories..... :)

  3. We didn't hear what you bought Randall.

    An "Oilers" sweatshirt perhaps???:-)

    Gavin did great today..... and we said good bye to the purple Meg....:-(

  4. Well, we won't do that again too soon, especially on a Saturday.

    And nope, Randall got nothin, except to pay for Lauralea's purchase.

    I don't just throw around my sports team allegiances. I'm still a committed Jets fan, even if they haven't existed for 13 years.

  5. You know, when I lived in Winnipeg for a brief school year, there were Jets fans a-plenty. That said, when there was an exhibition game between the oilers and the coyotes, in general, fans booed the Coyotes, and cheered on the Oilers. Allegiances are a finicky thing, especially to sporting teams!


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