The Son in Law

Friday, October 31, 2008
Today I was in the office most of the day, cleaning, killing flies, and unboxing books. While I was opening boxes and placing their contents on the shelves, I was thinking about my son in law, Nate.

I don't talk about him much, mainly because he's his own man and he prefers to live without a lot of internet attention. I understand.

But I was thinking about him today because he was the one who packed up all the boxes of books back in my office in Prince Albert. And I was thinking how cool it is to have a son in law like him, who was willing to travel hard for 18 hours, and sleep on a lousy bed, to help his wife's parents get packed up and move. That's pretty generous.

And he was the workhorse when the over fifty crowd of guys showed up to help pack the trucks and move us to The Field. They breathed a sigh of relief when they saw him, and mentioned it a few times. Even now they mention his name in hushed tones...

Not only is he able to lift heavy boxes, but he's is a kind guy, and really a good match for Johanna. In classic style they play off one another's weaknesses, providing what is lacking in the other.  


So, here's to having a great son in law. 

Thanks Nate.


  1. I know the joys of having a great son-in-law. :) It's neat to see your daughter marry someone who is so perfect for her. And in my daughter's case, she married a guy who even sort of looks like her dad! It's pretty funny, really.


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