Tonight Micah and I went to a Halloween party

Friday, October 31, 2008
And a fun time was had by all. Besides, since Lauralea is up visiting the kids at school, that was one less meal I had to make for Micah and me!

Halloween Party

(more pics here)

Buzz Lightyear was there, as was Darth Vader, a few princesses, a crocodile, prince charming, oh and Don Cherry, so it was well represented.

The food was great, and what a great community idea.

So far, only BoPeep showed up at our door tonight, well, and one of her sheep too, so its a quiet night out here.

And I am alone on the prairie. Lauralea away, and Micah is off visiting some friends. (Has a nice ring to it.)

Being alone out here is, well, quite a feeling.

It's nice. I could get used to it I think.

Hope you had a safe evening.

Remember, All Saints day on Sunday.


  1. Aaah, your new community. They're so naive right now. They know nothing of "Randall and his camera"... :)

  2. aww...looks like alot of fun. We tried to make it out there (and stop by your house too) but we got lost and then came dangerously close to running out of gas in the middle of the country. But glad you had a good time!


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