Today I went to a local church

Sunday, October 26, 2008 local that I, or rather, we walked to church. It was like 50 feet away, at most.

And I nearly had to carry Lauralea who was determined to wear her new heels over the gravel. What a trio we were as we hobbled across the yard, to the church.

The greeting was warm and friendly. The worship music was a good mix of new stuff, 1980's stuff and 1800's stuff. There was a band of Back up singers, (Male and female, which is a nice touch) Piano player, bass player, and a drummer with a small kit.

The pastor of youth and families did the preaching, and did a fine job at it, and I would say that even if she didn't read this space.


And after service, most everyone went downstairs for coffee. A nice touch. Seems that since many people come from town 20 minutes away, and the others gather from around the community, that coffee time is one of the only times they have to connect. That's a good idea, and the coffee was good too.

(And Lisa was there, with her three little ones. Steve was off to work for the day.)

This afternoon I drove into town to check on someone in the long term care home. It was a beautiful drive across the cool prairie October afternoon. And, before I came home, I found a great Chinese food place, and the food wasn't even too cool by the time I got it home.



This week I'm just setting time aside to pray and wait and to get ready for the beginning of work here. I feel like that's just something God is asking of me for this time. So I'm looking forward to the week.

I need to talk through some things with him, and to sort out a few of the things he wants me to be doing. It will help to set the direction for my work here, and I need to hear him on that.

Later on in the week Lauralea is heading up north for two days to see the kids at PRBI. Its missions week there and there will be a concert or two that the kids are singing in. The solitude will help give me space to be still.

So it will just be Micah and I for a while.

But it feels like the work is beginning. Even as it took time to lay it down at Prince Albert, so now we are taking up the mantle for this place and these people.

The transition is going well I think. Hopefully our work here will be fruitful and effective. That will be part of my prayer this week too.


But for now, good night from the field.


  1. its weird,i keep checking the PA temperatures on tv, and then remember you arent there.

  2. I know.

    I have the PA weather on my computer screen, and I don't have the heart to change it yet.

  3. This may sound weird, but it fills my heart with a strange joy and comfort to see you write like this again, about silence and prayer and talking to God about things.

    Not that you weren't doing that before, but your anxiety about the move and everything that goes with that has been more in the forefront, as was to be expected.

    But things are going to be OK.


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