The coyotes are howling out there tonight

... and they're loud.

and there are a bunch of them....

and they seem awfully close.

What was the number of the neighbour with the gun... just in case.

I mean, I'm not a fast runner, you know.

Thankfully I just have to be faster than Lauralea.



  1. Now, that's nasty! Maybe Lauralea should have the gun?

    Glad you're doing well. Good to hear. Take care, you guys.

  2. Should we begin to get concerned when we have no further blog posts following this one - from either of you?

  3. Hilarious! Made me burst out laughing (and get weird looks from my co-workers!)

  4. growing up, the guns were kept in my parents room, and in the evenings, when my dad returned home from work off the farm, he would often check the necessary things on the computer, which always took an eon since we lived in one of the last areas of alberta to access any form of high speed. the window there, tho, was missing its screen, and on the occassion he would see a coyote in the field or pens most immediately behind our house, which happened to always give home to our most prized chuckwagon horses and their offspring, he would take the step into his room, grab a gun, pull the glass pane aside, and fire away, from inside the house. of course tho, never when my mother was home...

  5. Katie - you are a serious redneck.

    Randall - might I suggest putting a cartoonish long set of sausage links Lauralea's back pocket to draw the coyotes that direction? Then you don't have to run at all....

  6. If they're close close, just step outside and throw a screwdriver at them - that's what my hubby did cuz we have no guns. It thrown screwdriver worked - they have never been that close since, but the screwdriver is still lodged in the nearby tree. :) Quite brave, that husband of mine! least he didn't throw me to the wolves...or should I say coyotes. Although he might have tried if he it was possible.

  7. I'm thinking- if there is a troop of coyotes outside... just stay INside.

    But that's just me. What do I know....

  8. I gotta agree with Gavin. A well hidden sausage in Lauralea's pocket could give me the head start I need.

    Katie: Any chance your dad ever forgot to open the window and instead blew it out with the blast? Cause I pretty much know it would happen around here.

  9. The sound of coyotes howling is a great part of country life One of the things I miss about living in the city.
    If they become a nuisance I suggest buying a 22-250 ... a nice flat-shooting calibre.

  10. Nope, I can't as he ever shot the window. He is a fairly acurate shot, we had hundreds of sheep when I was a little girl, and sheep attract coyotes, which we counteracted with a brilliant border collie and an arsenal. Good times on the farm.


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