a touch of snow

Today Lauralea and I spent most of the day in town, and while she found a farmers market, library, and good tea shop, I hit the care homes and met the people in the church who just can't get there that easily any longer.

It was good, and interesting. Some just needed a few moments of my time, while others were interested in talking for a while.

For some I met again after meeting them on Sunday, and I suspect I will be meeting them all over again for the next six months every time I go to visit them.

But it was good. I learned a lot about the old history of the church and conference. It's stunning to me how they can remember what they paid for a valentines card, and exactly what it said when they purchased it 60 years ago, but they can't remember that they told me that story 2 minutes ago. What a complex thing life is.

In the afternoon Lauralea and I got together and visited a few places together. It was nice.

So, we are off and running.

and it started snowing just a bit today.


  1. Was it the the MacEachern tea house? Oh man, the woman who owns the place is a hoot! The last time I was there she sat right down at our table and conversed with us most of the time we were there, she ordered for us, and communed with us. It was a riot, and I bought a few bags of tea to bring home, my favorite being an excellent loose leaf chai. mmm. I'm thinking about being in Wetaskiwin on the weekend, I think I need to stock up on tea!

  2. Yup, I think that was the place!

  3. The excitement and the challenge of forging a new life and relationships ?! Take your time to digest these early experiences - if you get it all worked out in the first month you'll be far too intimidating for the rest of us !


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