Evening Prayers

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Tonight it feels like the whole field is in jeopardy of blowing away. The wind has been howling all day and the wind warnings have not gone unnoticed. I walked home through the trees near the cemetery tonight and there are some tall big trees that have broken and fallen halfway down, waiting for someone to cut down I suppose.

Tonight is a quiet night around here, after a few nights out with visits and meetings, it's just good to sit down and think and pray a bit. My mind is moving among old friends I miss, and new friends I'm already caring for. Praying especially for a mom, about our age, who has walked through the scare Lauralea had last year, except hers hasn't turned out as well, yet. Praying for old friends trying to listen for Jesus and his leading in their lives, praying that they find his leading, clearly. Praying for Gateway and her people that they might find another shepherd whom God has prepared to care for them, in much better ways than I could.

Praying for some of you I've met over the internet, some of whom I've met in person, and others I've yet to meet.  The stories of your lives always inspire and challenge me. Indeed it's not unreasonable to say I am a different person for having known many of you. And I should add, I'm a better person for knowing you.


Thomas has arrived safely from Prince Albert through the snow and rain and fog. He'll be here for a couple of days and then he's heading back to school on the weekend. And Hillary is at Johanna's home on the Wet coast. I think Saturday she heads back to college to pick up where she left off before reading week.

And my mom has come here for a few days to visit. That's a good thing because it gives her a chance to see where we live and sometimes that's a comfort.


That's about it from The Field this windy night.
Stay warm, and if you need a prayer just shoot me an email. I can pray.



  1. Maybe it's b/c Luke's watching "Moe & The Big Exit" and right now they're singing "Oh Lone Stranger" which is always gets me choked up, but this post made me cry. Not necessarily in a bad way. Probably in a good way. But it made me cry. It's nice to hear/read your voice this morning.

  2. Yeah it is good to "hear" your voice. And thanks for remembering us as you pray.


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