I LoVe my heated garage

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
I think this thing is going to be sweet. 

Tonight the temp is going to go down to -16 C and so this evening I got some cardboard down and ceremonially drove the van into the garage.

Toasty warm, I tucked it in for the night.

And early tomorrow morning, while its still dark and cold out there, I will go out and get into it without scraping the windows and warming it up (Because, as I've been told, warming up a car in a closed garage is just asking for trouble), and will drive my mom to the Airport.


The other reason that I like this house is that there is finally a place to put the big packages of toilet paper that used to sit in the hallway or in some kids bedroom. It all fits beneath the washroom sink.



  1. Make sure the gas tank is always aleast a quarter to eliminate condensation freezing when you do take that toastie warm vehicle out in the sub-zero. A little gas line anti-freeze does wonders.

  2. Ahhhh, very wisely said.

    Thanks for the heads up Jeff. Probably just saved me some grief.

  3. And today I learned the great shock of using the garage in winter.

    Going into the garage and into the warm van, starting it, driving to the destination all toasty warm, and then, and then, and then GETTING OUT OF THE WARM VAN INTO THE FROZEN AIR!!!

    Dang that was cold out there today.


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