Thinking deep thoughts today

and praying.

Trying to understand the subtleties of the past that motivate people today. Like groping around in the dark, wondering why people with such a long shared history, do what they do.

Strong feelings seem to come out of pain in the past, from many directions.

And so today I've been quiet in my spirit and praying.

Praying for the broken, for the hurting, for the healing needed. Praying that there might be a future of wholeness for people.

This is my work, for now. On some days it is to exhort the sinner, on other days it is to hold the broken, but on most days it is to pray for the distance between the two, to shrink quickly because they are the same person.


  1. I imagine that sometimes this task may seem daunting. Why do people do what they do, is so rooted in the past. The wonderful thing I see in my circle of recovery is that God is there, as we wait, as we pray, as we recover from whatever addiction, abuse and other issues.

    Then one day, God walks through our garden and he touches one and at that moment there is a healing spiritual experience for that person and by extension, for the whole group, who just saw God make a tangible movement among us...

    As we drop the wreckage of the past, and we walk away from it and move beyond it, we give space for something else to take its place. Love, Healing, Life... People change. On God's time not on our own.

    That is why I love what I do, because I know God visits us on a regular basis. As I am sure he walks through that church and field of yours. If you stick around long enough, miracles occur.

    The Preacher Jeremiah


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