The Last Post

for today, Remembrance Day here in Canada.

I began the day early at 6 am this morning, getting my butt to an early morning prayer time that ten or fifteen guys from the church gather at. Very cool. Well, maybe not the time we meet, but it does have a way of sifting the committed.


Lauralea and I got to the Wetaskiwin Remembrance Day service this morning - I kinda wanted to get a feel for the community and that was a good way to do that. Then we went for lunch at some new friends home.

We went most of the day and this evening I attended a meeting, about an hour away, where a few of us talked with the President of the North Park Theological Seminary about what Theological education looks like in the days ahead. He was mostly listening, which was good. There seems to be a sense of needing to listen, to hear what God is saying and how he is leading the school into the future. That's good. The schools and leaders who aren't interested in listening... well, I don't bank on them being relevant in the days ahead, if they're even around.

So I just got back from that, and it's past my bed time.

One thing Lauralea and I need to remember, that has been kinda lost in all this move and stuff, is that we are now down to having one kid at home. Micah. We've been out meeting a lot of the people, while he's been staying at home alone. Too much. Last year when we would be out, there would be at least two people home, and they would hang out or play a game or just watch out for one another. Now it's just one, and one can be a lonely number I guess. Yeah, we remembered that today. Balance in life.

I'm off to bed. I found out that the local ministerial group meets tomorrow at 9 am in town, and that will be followed by another busy day. Oh, and my mom is coming to visit a bit, she arrives tomorw too.

So that's our first Remembrance Day in the Field. Hope yours went well.



  1. 10 to 15 guys - maybe farmers used to early mornings?

    This morning at 7 it was just me again. Oh, yeah God showed up too as usual.

  2. it may be time to get Micah a puppy!!!

  3. Robyn - maybe you'd look after it when Micah has grown up?

    "Wetaskiwin" - sounds like victory after being towed behind a motorboat (pronounce it phonetically)

  4. Toni - you've got to make all those vowels short but for sure there is a task and a win in there.


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