Rain and guy cars

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
So here's a picture for ya.

This new place has a garage. Actually, to embarrass myself even more, it has a double garage. I haven't been using it yet partly because it seems an embarrassment of riches for me to use, and partly because my car is a guy car, not a girl car, and a guy car isn't a baby car, it can stand the cold a bit longer than, well than a girl car can. (And yes I realize I'm being sexist here, or at least, carist. I'm sorry.)

So somewhere between last night and this morning it rained out. Yep, ice rain covering the stairs and sidewalk and road and, the van. I lost about 20 minutes this morning getting the windscreen clear enough to be able to drive. I think that 20 minutes was all I needed to deal with my not using the garage for my guy car stuff.

I think it drips oil a bit so I need to get an old cardboard box underneath it so if it drips it will only mess up the cardboard. But I think I am well on my way to enjoying a heated garage this winter.

Bring on the snow, my guy car shall feel no pain.


  1. Ah, but the girl car would have worked this truth out earlier - go figure !

  2. I like the way you just sort of slipped in quietly the fact that the garage is heated.


  3. Ha ha! Well noted, Linea!


    "Oh, it's just a garage, Randall. Use it, consider it a blessing! Wait---what? It's heated? Well, then..."

  4. Nice......speaking as one sissy to another, of course.

  5. Are you crazy? Use the garage already! Enjoy it. Slippery around here today too. Seems more like November now. Christmas shoppers will be out in droves as soon as the snow flies. Lets all wait until it's cold and icy out and then go shopping! Dumb. Be wise. Stay cozy at home. Park the van in the garage.

  6. Top on my list when shopping for our house was a two car garage. No more ice in the winter and burning hot seats in the summer! Spring hail storm? Who cares? I'm spoiled. Enjoy!


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