Saturday, December 20, 2008
Smack smack, wipe.

I've got open house hang over this morning. Fuzzy mouth, fuzzy head, verge of headache.

You know, the classic signs that you know you had a great time the night before.

Or so I'm told.

It was a good time yesterday, and the party rolled on from 2pm till about 9 pm with one lull of about 20 minutes. It was good to get the people into this house too, many of them had never been in here and they were curious. It was also good for helping to get to know them better.

So I'm getting some work done on the Christmas Eve service now, then we are off to get Thomas who arrives by bus later this afternoon.

Thanks again to all who came, and all who watched online. You helped make the party a real party.



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  1. I think I am having wedding and visiting children hangover myself. The silence of our house with just Leo and myself home is so nice.


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