Welcome to our open house

Friday, December 19, 2008
that is, if the Internet is working and the neighbours are not doing a lot of downloading...

If you don't get a live picture, hit reload and see if that helps. Failing that it could be a problem on our end.

But drop in if you are near, from 2pm till 9 tonight. All are welcome.

If you want to talk back, leave a comment, or better yet, send a txt to my mobile phone on the lower right there.


Merry Christmas


  1. Everything is looking lovely but you guys are looking far too serious to be about tohave a party! Now convince those Vanderslyus people to set up a webcam so we can attend both parties!

  2. Great feed Randall! And the video stream is high quality too.

  3. Hmmm, Fri night wind down with you or soap operas on the tv - it's a tough call ! Hope a good night is had by all.

  4. Wish so badly we could come. I bet the candles on the table will look beautiful at dusk.

    Miss you guys!

  5. Ask Lauralea how she hung those stockings on the bar...er...counter. ;) That pop is the corner looks pretty good right about now...

  6. You should all come over to the real party!

    I kid, I kid.

    Miss you guys.

  7. Hey is that Lisa? If so, could someone tackle her and give her a big kiss for me?! :)

  8. That's a full house you've got there - looks like loads of fun from this end. We hope you all have a great Christmas!

  9. Looks like it was a wild party. Having to wash the floors. John is working right now at the Continental Cup, and I worked early this morning.
    Hope you had fun today. Jan

  10. Well, that was a success, and thank you for your help in making it so. your comments and txt messages made it fun. I am sorry the net kept dropping us but it did work for a bit.

    Thanks for checkin in, from PA and the States and the UK and other parts of europe. Nicely done all.

    We wish you all could have been here, but hey, we understand. Hope you have a great Christmas, where ever you are.

    So from The Field, south of Wetaskiwin Alberta in Canada, it's Merry Christmas and Good Night from the Friesens.



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