Grace & Beauty

Friday, December 05, 2008
Tonight we went to another families home for supper. They are located only 5 miles from us, but it's through twists and turns and hills and valleys. Mostly through trees and the gravel road cuts nicely through them.

We had a lovely time with them, discovering things we have in common then talking on and on about those things. As I said, it was really quite lovely. A good night.

Then as we made our way back home late tonight, the snow was just lightly falling down. We retraced our tracks through the hills and trees and came up overlooking our home, with the one evergreen lit up to the max, compliments of Micah and I.

It looked breathtaking. Beautiful falling snow, the tree lit up against the dark night, it was magical. Then as I slowed to turn in and take in all the snow-globed beauty, my headlights caught one, then two then seven deer on the drive in front of the garage. They too seemed enraptured by the coloured lights. I slowed even more as they moved out of the way, into the evergreens in front of the yard. Silently and gracefully.

A perfect end to a grace filled day.
A day I really needed.

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  1. Grace and beauty unexpected is a wonderful thing.


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