New Years

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
New Year's Eve and I believe we have been invited to 6 parties. Very popular indeed.


We'll probably try to do as many of those as time allows, untill we are exhausted or the new year arrives. With all the driving involved, it proabably means no "Egg Nog" for us.

Anyway, looks like its going to be a big night at Trafalgar Square. People are milling about already and it looks to be a big deal there.

Hope yours is safe and quiet, or noisy, whichever you perfer.


  1. Happy New Year to you guys !!

    Can't top your 6 party invites - guess it goes with the proper pastor territory. No Trafalger Square shenanigans here, but whatever you end up doing enjoy the celebrations !

  2. Well congrats - I think we're limited to just 3, although that increases with Ben's invites too.

  3. Have a happy New Year, you guys! Mom, Dad and Tammy will be at my house tonight for a low-key time. The kids are both going out, but it's been good to have them around for the last ten days. Take care.

  4. A Happy New year to the Friesens from the Harder family!


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