Wherein I state my present frustration with those who call themselves leaders in our National Capital

Wednesday, December 03, 2008
I have kept it silent to date mostly because to unravel my frustrations at all the parties in Ottawa who are our "Leaders" would keep me writing till it was too late in the night. Besides I'm tired.

Then the other night I watched as Rex Murphy gave words to my exact frustrations. And thanks to the internets, we have a record of his Point Of View.

To that I'll simply add, ditto.


  1. Yes, that is the most complete and accurate summary I've heard yet. Very fair in placing blame on all deserving sides.

  2. I like it too- balanced and fair in his representation of both sides. I feel like I went from living in the greatest country in the world, to a third world government, where thugs can take over at any time.

  3. Rex Murphy is a straight shooter.

    Regarding the subsidy that Harper tried to take away - I agree that springing it on them in that way was a huge error, but I'd have no problem with weaning them from it in the future after proper debate.


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