Bell ringing eejit

The regular reader will remember my experience last year in ringing the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle bells to try to raise some extra funds for those who have need at this time of year.

Well in an hour I am up again. I'm at the Wetaskiwin Canadian Tire store so if you have some cents, stop by and make a donation.

Anyway, this year I'm not wearing all black, so that should help. And I shall try to smile less maniacally, and think "Shorter" so that I'm not the dark brooding guy in the corner who wants your cash.

Actually, our church is up for the whole day, till 7pm tonight. So if you can't make it there for me, you should recognize whoever is there.

In spite of my inability to fundraise, I still believe in this opportunity. We do have so much, and this is one way to share what we have.


  1. If I were closer...

    Maybe will have an opportunity to drop some cash in here today. It does not work out for us to bell ring this year and I am a bit sad about that. It was fun last year.

  2. Well, you can always go donate. I made a donation to someone jinggling in the Centre At Cricle and 8th Mall here in Saskatoon. But don't let it turn into that episode of Friends where Phebe had to jingle the bells and people were using the bucket for stuff other than donations and Phebe than got really mad and it made for a very bad experience.


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