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Thursday, December 04, 2008
Living a life alone.

From the CBC this morning.
The body of a 44-year-old woman believed to have been dead for more than a year has been found in her home in a village north of Prince Albert, Sask.
The RCMP discovered the body of Margaret Moyer in Christopher Lake last week.
Police were called after the town administrator noticed her mail had been returned to the town office for a number of weeks.
People who live in the town say Moyer was very quiet and kept to herself.
However, she was known in the arts community as a wildlife painter, according to artist George Glenn who once lived across the street from her in Prince Albert.
Four years ago, Glenn brought his studio to Christopher Lake, but it came to him as a complete surprise that Moyer was even in the town.
The entire incident has upset the village, Glenn said.
"Well, I think it must be shocking. It's a dreadful kind of thing for someone to be found dead after such a period of time, and I think for the immediate neighbours particularly."
Police believe foul play wasn't a factor in her death.
Christopher Lake, a village of about 215 people, is about 40 kilometres north of Prince Albert.




  1. Very sad and weird. Perhaps in a resort community so many people are coming and going that it is easy to become a recluse - no one keeping in touch with you, no one really knowing you or caring for you.

  2. Well, you would think that someone would have been worried about this person. Sure this person was quiet and kept to themsleves, but I am sure they were not a total hermit.

  3. Actually she was a total hermit. She had a neighbor who spoke to her cat through her window and the next day her windows were boarded up...People moved in next door to her and never knew anyone was in there and were told she had moved because she had shut herself away. Someone had called the police a year ago to see if they would check on her because they hadn't seen footprints going to or from the house and unfortunately it was not pursued to its fullest extent.

    People were concerned, attempts were made, decisions were made in regard to those concerns, small town people coming and going and someone mistakenly saying the wrong person had moved, wrong house empty...

    Her neighbors did what they felt they could, made their attempts...unfortunately it didn't really help.

  4. This came up around our table yesterday. Gerard is a very sociable guy, and he had a hard time understanding how something like this could happen to anyone. I guess African societies are less individualistic than ours.

  5. Yeah, it dawned on me yesterday that I had probably driven past that place a few times during the past year. Unknowing.

    Amazingly sad.


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