Thursday, December 04, 2008
It looks like its finally, really snowing out there tonight. I should try to find my boots before the morning. Classic me, it's December and the snow is delayed and I haven't even used the extra time to find my boots. Classic.


Which makes me wonder, next week is the last week at the kids college, so there will be exams and deadlines for papers. I wonder if Thomas is doing his homework in a frantic manner tonight. About an hour ago I got a txt message from him urgently asking what Benediction I use at the end of a service. I wonder...


I hope some of the politicians in Ottawa learned a few things this week. Good grief what a gong show, from many sides.

Anyway the PM has bought some time and it sounds like the liberals didn't need that much time. By this afternoon they were abandoning the ship their leader was sailing. It will be interesting to see where this next month leads us, politics wise. Yeah it's disruptive, but I kinda like hearing "We've never seen this before" over and over again. Makes me feel like I am a part of history in a front row seat kind of way.


Oh and the bells. Today I was stationed at the Salvation Army kettle in the Canadian Tire store in town and it was a marked improvement over last year.

First off, the bells were not there. I suppose the store didn't want all the bell action, which was good with me. I can't hear the Christmas muzak over the bells. And to start when I got there first thing there was already like $25 in the thing, about $22 more than I raised all of last year.

And the people were in a mood to give. I tried to stand a little further back than last year and people walked right up and dropped cash into the pot. Fives and twenties and on and on. Not bad at all, given my rugged good looks.

Oh and the last hour I had a competitor. A guy at a tall table was pushing a fundraiser for medical helicopters in Alberta. I guess here its all fund raised and run on a donation basis. Weird. Back in the Rectangle Province the government would cover those kinds of costs. Then I remembered that I don't think Sask has health helicopters.

But a good day, fundraising wise.


That's all for tonight. from the snowy field.


  1. Nice to hear you had a good day. Maybe people were more eager to give due to the less ringing of bells...

    Enjoy the white.

  2. I love hearing those bells. Lets me know Christmas is near. Reminds me the kettles are there.

  3. Well Randall, we go some snow in Saskatoon. At the intersection of Taylor St and Arlington Ave, where the Nutana Curling Club is, someone took out one of the street lights.

    On a lighter note, now we won't have to sing "White Christmas" with all this new snow.


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