another Saturday night

Saturday, January 10, 2009
... and i ain't got no money, (Join me now) "I got no money but I just got paid..."


T'was a long week talking with and meeting with and struggling with People. That's a good thing, a very good thing. And in that respect it was a very good week, people wise.

Which makes it a tricky week, office, study, and administrative wise. And that is why I'm still in my office late on a Saturday night.

I think I'm ready for tomorrow.

We are starting off our week of prayer tomorrow, and I wanted to preach more of a motivation talk rather than the same ole same old about you should pray and read your bible every day, which never seems to motivate anyone, unless you're motivated by fear which isn't really about loving God anyway. 

I want to delve ever so briefly into the Song of Songs to get the feel of the quality of love spoken about there. Without making everyone think that loving God is all mushy and weird, or at worst, that it verges on porn.

There, right there in between being pursued by a lover, and searching for them yourselves, thats where we can live if we want to awaken love.

And it seems to be something we can awaken and stir.

Anyway, maybe as you go to bed tonight. or are waking up and it's Sunday already, maybe you can think about how you might awaken love, for the lover of your soul.


I'll try to get it recorded for you Jeremy and others; as long as you promise not to take shots at my talking ability.


Night. From The Field.


  1. That means we should all be reading from the Song of Songs in preparation for your sermon. It is a beautiful book to read, penned by Solomon. The Old Testament has some very beautiful imagery and prose.

  2. Feels like I'm in your boat. All week the study and writing and planning time were all taken up by people needing love, counsel, and attention. Lots of hurting people in the world these days.

  3. That was a beautiful post, PR. Simple yet thought provoking, everyday life and so much more. I am really on this LOVE thing right now. I like the idea of awakening it... Cool.

  4. Seems as if it is something that can be awakened and stirred when God calls out that he loves us and we finally get it and respond. How to help people see that they need to respond, how to make them realize that this is the best relationship they will ever have though? It seems a delicate thing in some ways - can't be forced or chosen for anyone else. It is purely a response that comes out of encountering that love seeking us. A very mysterious thing, love.


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