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Sunday, January 11, 2009
This afternoon Lauralea and I got ourselves down to a Jazz concert at the city high school. Some friends of ours whose son is on tour with his jazz trio were doing a concert in the school to encourage kids and give them some experience.

Wow, were they ever a tight group. All the more amazing considering they only got together a week ago, from three different points of North America. All excellent Jazz musicians in their own right.

I love live jazz, and this was so live that I simply sat with my eyes closed and enjoyed the day. Once or twice I tried to order a drink, it was that live.

Andy's Jazz LoungeThe trumpet player was from Chicago so I talked with him briefly after the show. I asked him if he'd ever heard of a small jazz club down on Hubbard in Chicago that I get to whenever I am there.

"Oh Andy's Jazz Club?" he asked, and I grinned because he knew it well. He has played there with his own quintet occasionally.

And so I think I am ready to get to Chicago again. Of course it's for the purpose of attending a pastors conference, but the real deal is that on Wednesday night when nothing is happening I'll take the El downtown and walk through the dark city streets of Chicago and pay my 5 dollar cover charge at Andy's Jazz Club and loose the evening listening to some very smooth Jazz.

Cause there's nothing like live Jazz.

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