A Starting place for Prayer

Monday, January 12, 2009
Alright, without a great deal of fanfare or expectation on my part, I offer you. the Internet, or more specifically, those who requested it, my talk yesterday about a starting place for a week of prayer.

The jokes will be culturally sensitive to the field I now live in, so you may not get them at all. Just laugh anyway and trust us, they are funny. Very funny.


And I'm not Chuck S or some of those other talkers who change the world with their preaching, I just mostly tell it like I know it and have heard God inside me tell me to say it. 

All that to bring down your expectations nicely.




And, if it helps put you to sleep, I recommend that you put it on your iPod and play it in the baby room when it's time for baby to be asleep. That way you will get it's full effect.


Praying for you.


  1. I enjoyed this a lot. What you said about crying out God for who he is not for what he can do for us resonated with me a lot. I need to get to know more of God's character so I can do just that.

    Reveal yourself to me, God and give me the eyes to see you.

  2. I also wanted to mention - you should consider putting your sermons up weekly so they can be downloaded. I enjoy good preaching and love to put learning stuff up so I can listen while I'm doing the monstrous amount of things I do in my kitchen. ;o)

    Put 'em on itunes. ;)

  3. Hello -
    I think you should tape your sermons weekly too so that we can listen to them here and there.

    This is the second time this week I have heard someone talk about Matthew and the greatest commandment. We spoke of Love of God and Love of Neighbors before and it is a theme you keep returning to.

    The other thing that struck me was "the decisions of the passionate heart" and the desire and the pursuit. You challenge us to be loved by God and to allow that same God to love us personally and intimately. I love the Song of Songs, we read from this book at our wedding "a twist on the literal" but love is the same whoever it is with.

    Thanks for uploading this - I needed to hear this right now.

    Blessings on your head


  4. You know, it's somewhat frightening to post these talks online.

    I mean, when I preach here, there is a context for the talk that can give great power to the words for people. But when it's offered to the wider body, the context disappears somewhat, and I'm not too sure of it's value or effectiveness.
    Let alone that I start reusing the same illustrations and when the talks are online then people can go back and see that he's using the same old stories again.
    However, I am not beyond the realization that God can do what he does with the context of people's lives, and if these words are an encouragement to some, then that is good and that is God.

    I've planned to try to post them for the month and we'll see how it goes.

  5. They say that repetition works, right? I think it is beneficial for people to hear what you have to say because we value and admire your ability to be yourself and to preach the good word. You might return to certain passages but that is a good thing because maybe we need to be reminded of them often and for good reason. There are more people in "our field" as well as yours who look to you for spiritual guidance. And this is a good way to reach them. Keep on keepin on.


  6. This sharing of your sermon warmed by heart on a cold morning in Ottawa.

    God bless

    Vicki Milnes

  7. Hi Vicki.

    Thanks, and stay warm.


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