Mamma Mia - The Movie

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Well, yes, I have some friends who love this movie possibly better than toast with cheesewiz on it, which to me is just as difficult to understand. But today in Indigo Books, they had the soundtrack playing and I like ABBA, so it sounded hopeful. Yes we bought it.

My conclusions?

The songs are, well, messed with enough so that they don't sound like the soundtrack, so that was a great disappointment. And they kept interrupting the music for the acting and no, I never thought I'd hear me say that.

But there was a story line to follow, and they did do some of my favourite ABBA tunes, so, yeah. 

Seems I can sing better than Pierse Brosnan and I look better too, if I say so myself, and Lauralea is way way better looking than Meryl Streep, (What were they thinking putting her in it, least she can sing).


The best part of the disk?

They have all the songs on the dvd and you can have the words up on the screen so you can sing along. So we did. Yep, we sat on the couch, the old lady and I, and we sang the hits of ABBA, in harmony. 

Sadly, that was fun.


So, the movie? Maybe about a 4 or 5. 

The sing-a-long ABBA songs? Yeah, that's an 8 or 9.


  1. Hi Pastor,
    I bought the movie Fireproof today. We haven't watched it, but they say that it is really good. Maybe we could do a family movie night together. Jan

  2. Hi Jan,
    Is there any singing in it??

  3. I, for one, would like Lauralea's take on the movie--and I think you need to take the movie and music together to get the entire effect, which I thought was great fun. By the way, if I can do the splits jumping on a bed when I'm 60, WOW. And yes, she sure can sing. And yes, sadly, Pierce cannot. His one failing. Anyway, I'll be buying that one (once it's a previously viewed, under $10 copy). :)

  4. Hmmm... what can I take issue with in this post? (Besides going back to the summer when I was so excited to see you at the theatre for our Mamma Mia night I was going to run up and hug you and while I was in the bathroom you convinced my husband to go with you to see a different movie instead...)

    Having listened to the soundtrack for months while doing dishes and anxiously waiting for the movie to come out, I'll say that the soundtrack and the movie are pretty much the same, except that the movie gets interrupted, the soundtrack sometimes has extra verses, and some of the takes are different than the movie.

    What were they thinking with Meryl Streep?! I think you know how deeply that hurts. Enough said.

    I know Pierce isn't the greatest singer, but I think he would've "sounded" better if he'd opened his mouth more and didn't look so tense singing.

    And I agree -- the movie gets 4 or 5 out of 5. And the soundtrack 8 or 9 out of 10.


    I'm just glad you finally saw it.

    Even if it wasn't with me.

    Just think how much more you would've liked it in a packed theatre where everyone burst into applause at the end.

  5. Pierce wasn't "tense" he was passionate! Well you gave it a higher rating then Steve did. He must love me 'cos he sat thru it the other night, but he only rated it about a 2 or 3. But then again he likes westerns! ;)

  6. i heard one of these this is how it was made programs on radio 2 a few weeks ago about mammia mia where the choreographer was being interviewed and he said that meryl streep sang the songs live whilst the filiming was going on. sometimes in a high wind. so that makes it even better.


    will send you a private email....

  7. :)

    Ah see that's what I like about this old world, everyone is different. Mostly.

  8. Now if you must see a film about someone 'singing' ABBA songs, you should watch Johnny English. And you won't have to put up with Pierce Brosnan's vocals at all.

  9. Maybe "tense" is the wrong word. He just should've opened his mouth more when he was singing.

  10. Mr. Brosnan was simply stretching his abilities. He sang on tune quite well, I thought. We wouldn't expect a Pavarotti now would we.

    And Meryl Streep can simply hold her own anytime, anywhere. Ya.

    Well, I really didn't have to come to their rescue, did I?

    Glad you took the plunge Randall and expressed your "inner feelings" about this great movie.:-)

    Dixie, Lauralea and I stand firm.

    If we have a Mamma Mia party, you can be Pierce if you want to......

  11. The real question, Randall, is how does Mamma Mia rate in comparison to Tropic Thunder? :)

  12. Actually Marc, I'm kinda embarrassed that we even went to that movie.

    It's interesting that already that movie has moved on to the cinematic waste box, but Mamma Mia is still creating a buzz.

    She was right I guess.


  13. Janet and Charlotte rented the Mamma Mia DVD recently - I took the opportunity to watch the extended edition of LOTR Return of the King. It's kind of nice to have two TVs in the house.


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