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Thursday, January 22, 2009
In spite of headaches, which I never have but I do now, and nausea which I rarely have, I feel pretty good. I just wish I could get rid of those two things and I'd be good. I do think chances that I'm pregnant are slim to none, so that's a plus.

Spent a few hours at a meeting tonight, which was good, meeting wise.

When you are changing the culture of opinion and personal experience, it takes a while to see change happen. When people go to meetings that are difficult and painful, they rightly don't want to go to those meetings ever again. So it takes a bunch of good meetings for people to grow the new perspective that meetings can be helpful and good. I don't know how many good neetings you need to have to counter the effects of the bad meetings, but it's probably like 3 or 4 good meetings to make the shift happen in peoples minds.

And so we go, one good meeting at a time, slowly changing peoples opinions and experiences so that they can enter into good processes that lead to good experiences. And while we wait for the next chance to give people a good experience at a meeting, we pray for them, that the place in their hearts that was hurt can be healed and restored.

Change is happening here. Not the kind that can happen by the swift signature of a presidential edict, but more the effect of the Spirits work in a heart, because that's what we are dealing with here, people's hearts. And that is patient, sometimes tricky work. But the work is progressing nicely here.

Now if I could stop with the headaches and nausea, that would be lovely.



  1. Thanks for this, just what I need to read as I procrastinate about putting an agenda and papers together for a meeting next week.

  2. Blessings on your health and your people.
    (Good to hear that you aren't pregnant, that can be dicey at your age)

  3. Let me know if you need to book an appointment.....and Phil, please dont assume that someone his age cant carry a baby to term....last year at the centre we had 7 clients over the age of 35....and the year before, we helped a 59 year old.

  4. I should have addressed that last comment to Robyn but I am hoping that was obvious anyway.

  5. That 59 year old - scares me. A lot. Don't tell stories like this to Randall.

    And I am hoping that your clients are not male??? Unless of course the world has gotten very strange in the last few years.


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