Angels do drive John Deere

Thursday, February 26, 2009
I was getting bundled up this morning to head out into this -28C cold snap to try to clear some of the newly fallen snow on the church lot because today we are having our MOPs program. (Mothers Of Preschoolers, and no you won't see any posts today about wailing or gnashing of gums...)

When what to my wondering eyes would appear but a huge green tractor with a blade on it. Very nice indeed.

He cleaned the parking lot and my driveway and made short work of the sidewalks. I only had to do a little bit.

So here's to the young and middle aged ladies who work so hard to provide something for the stuck at home in the snow with pre-schooler moms, and to Angels who drive John Deere.
(Is John Deere also plural? I mean you wouldn't say John Deeres would you??)


  1. I think I would say John Deeres, but maybe it's just me.

  2. I'm thinking that same angel...or perhaps just the same John Deere came to see me yesterday...wonderful gift!

  3. us in waterloo ia say deeres cause theres more than on deere plant here


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