Living heavy today

Friday, February 27, 2009
Feels groggy this morning, like I imagine a hangover must feel like.

I did get a lot done this week and the sermon is ready to go for this first Sunday in Lent, but I've realized I've been fighting headaches this week and I don't normally do headaches. I am concluding its how I carry some of my work these days. I do tend to carry the weight of things in my body, that is to say that the hard stuff of life will often effect my physical body before it effects my spirit. It is what it is and many times I am too thick to think about these things before its too late.

I think I need a good indoor floor hockey game around here or something like that.

Anyway, received a couple of bad news stories from friends, and life isn't as easy as some might think it is. Especially when it comes to mental illness.

I have half a day to get my head a bit clearer though, tonight Micah and I are headed to Red Deer with some new friends, for a WHL game. Might wear my Winnipeg Jet's jersey just for old times sake.

TGIF for those of you who don't work weekends.

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