Noon. Time to get some lunch and go buy a car. Updated.

Friday, February 27, 2009
Yeah, i said car.
I miss the Vans.

This one is a 2001 Crown Vic, made near our old home close to St. Thomas Ontario.

It's the largest car made in its year, and has conventional rear drive. (Think: More donuts in winter and more incidents by those in our family who drive less...)

One owner, well cared for, large and kinda floats down the highway.

Anyway, we can afford it and it will take us a few good kilometers too.

But that's after lunch.


Well, not so quickly.

The PRIVATE insurance company here requires me to fill out a pile of paperwork that, since I live in the country, I need to fax in. Then they will take a look at it and give me an estimate hopefully on Monday sometime. Then I can drive back to the city and purchase insurance. Then off to the privatized registration system here to register the vehicle. Then we get to drive.

Hope the kids don't need the vehicle this weekend.

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  1. Could have sold you our van, but ,dodn't think of it.We still have it and as far as we are concerned,we like it a whole lot better than theonewe bought, except, it has a lot more miles on it. , the old one., that is. Oh, well, life goes on and so do vans. lol


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