By jove that does sound like a Cyanistes teneriffae

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Which I suppose, sounds so much more refined than its english name, African Blue Tit.

I'm working away in my office here and I'm pretty sure I hear birds twittering, lots of birds. More birds than are outside my window this morning.

Actually sounds quite wonderful, all the bird song. Then I shift window screens over to another area I'm working on and I notice that the LambWatch website is open and running a live video/audio feed from a sheep farm somewhere in the UK. That's where the bird noise is coming from, somewhere in the United Kingdom.

And actually it's kind of cool, so I've let it stay open and I'm listening to birds singing on the other side of the Orb.


  1. I've no idea what the cyanistes etc stuff is about, but if I was posting these days it would be about the fact that lambs are out in this particular field, and that that's a herald of spring.

    But it has to be said that preaching to sheep farmers week by week does make it hard to pontificate about all the sheep/shepherd imagery in scripture - there is always someone who knows better from firsthand experience...

    Am passing time here, because a sheep farmer I need to call won't be available for an hour or two because of lambing.....

  2. I should have asked, what does it have to do with Jupiter?

  3. Must. Avoid. Smutty. Double. Entendre.

    I noticed an increase in birdsong yesterday morning too, and from where I'm typing in the kitchen I can hear it too, even through double glazed windows. The sky is a slightly misty shade of blue as the sun is coming up, and the light frost that was about first thing seems to have melted.

    Might be a nice day later. :-)


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