The dregs of winter

The morning dawning here in The Field during these last gasps of winter bring with it a sense of hope, a promise that help is on the way. Help that comes in the form of warm days and summer breezes. Soon spring showers will finish off the snow and wash the dirt of winter away. Green will start to poke through the brown grass and little green buds will appear on the trees and that will result in the world moving from the blue hues of sky and snow covered fields, to a world of greens and browns which are always warmer colours anyway.

No, today has a feel about it that says winter is on borrowed time, and summer is riding rescue.

Being in The Field in summer has me curious. How does one pastor a community that works hard in the fields and basically disappears from any non-field endeavors for April and May, then pops in for a bit in June and July, and then disappears again in late August, September and often October? I'm still learning the culture out here and the rhythm of life that keeps rolling on.

This morning the air is still and not cold at all. The wispy clouds in the sky are gently moving east and the birds are filling the air with song. It's a good day to be out here.

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  1. Actually I'm a bit depressed about winter ending. Seemed really short this year. Could go for some more snow and blizzards. Something about winter I find comforting. Summer just means dealing with bugs and yard work - yech. lol


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