Learning a house

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Off to bed.
No warm water as I brush my teeth.

The bedroom seems really cold as I undress.

Uh oh, the gas problem earlier in the day.

So I got dressed and went downstairs. Took apart the boiler and found the pilot light out.

Checked the water heater too and yep, light was out there too.

Got out the boiler book out and figured it out, and Micah and I got it lit. Then we lit the water heater.

So I'm waiting to see if things heat up a bit, before I try for bed again.

I've never seen that happen before, all the pilot lights out at once.

But I guess it's about learning the behaviour of a new house. So I'm learning.

...I hope the new owners of our house in PA have learned to keep the evestroughs free from ice in the front. Hope they are taking good care of the place.

Anyway, best I try bed again.

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  1. Your new house is fairly new, right? But just the same, has this happened in the past? Can your local gas supplying company help with some advice?

    Anyway, hope you have not frozen up for lack of heat overnight.


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