Well, that's a day i don't want to live again

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I think she cried three times today, and I guess I'm ok with that. I mean sometimes life can just get completely overwhelming and you can't win for trying.

We are trying to make our way here in this new land, and it seems it's two steps forward, one step back.

Today it was to get our drivers license changed, which I've taken my time with because I've had the van insured in Saskatchewan. Too costly to have it updated here.

So we need an Alberta Drivers license to get Alberta health, and to get Alberta health, it seems we need an Alberta drivers license. It's like a torture circle.  

I've changed provinces five times and each time it gets worse. I wonder how difficult it would be to have an identity card that I could take to any province and not have to do this stuff. I mean it's easier to go from one country to another in Europe, why can't Canada get caught up to this mobile world we live in.

Just grumbling a bit.

I did manage to find out how to get the gas stove pilot relit, twice. And the gas dryer seems to be working so far. So that's good.

But I'm soon off to bed as this flu is refusing to go away.

Today, I'm tired.



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  1. Have a good sleep.
    Hope your pilot light doesn't go out...again.
    And get better quickly.


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