Friday night fundraiser

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The small rural school that Micah attends, and enjoys attending I might add, is out here in a field a couple of kilometers from where we live, and it seems like its hard being a small, rural school these days. The kids are shipped to other larger schools in town and less and less resources are made available to these smaller schools, so they have to get creative and do a bit of fundraising to help with the costs.

So, last night there was a dessert and silent auction at the school. Micah's band played and sweets were eaten and many many items were bid on. Things like corporate backpacks, framed pictures of Wayne Gretzky, bags of feed oats, truck loads of gravel, concrete, and dirt, framed and signed pictures of Calgary Flames players, corporate clocks, and a magpie trap. Eclectic indeed, but with a rural feel to it.

It was fun to realize how many people we are getting to meet and to know in this community. Many friendly people, gathered in a prairie school gym to raise funds so their kids can continue to attend a local school.

We are becoming a part of this place, slowly but surely.

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  1. OK. That has to be a picture taken in the early fall - or else we should have some very lovely weather coming our way in the next couple of days. NO SNOW!


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