Snow Day

Thursday, March 05, 2009
The call came early this morning and I stumbled into the other room to find the phone. It was the school bus driver informing me that because of the snow and wind, the buses were not running today.


I looked outside, and saw the new three foot drifts between me and my office.
So, Micah gets a snow day.

He's outside shoveling now.

Snow Day

I've spent the morning writing letters.

I suppose it's partly because of the nature of The Internets that I have opportunity to walk with different people through different phases of their lives, and at different times they invite me or entrust me with their stories, their lives. Letters are one way that I am able to do that.

As I write, I pray for each one, and in prayer I listen, because much of prayer is simply listening.

So, on this snowy morning, I'm in my office writing letters and praying.
It's a good investment of time, and I'm glad for the opportunity to do it.

May it be less snowy where ever it is that you are this day.


  1. ...and i just found out why there has been no traffic on the roads all day. There are four foot drifts across it.


  2. I hope you didn't just find that out in your low-riding Crown Vic.

  3. I think the same storm is blowing here. I had to haul the bass over a huge drift to get it to the CRV tonight. It is still snowing and blowing here. Hope it is March coming in like the proverbial lion.

  4. So, thanks for sending that snow our way. How incredibly nice of you!! :)

    Glad you had a quiet day - I always welcome those with open arms!

  5. Poor angel in a John Deere this day??


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