I consider myself blessed beyond measure about most of the things that happen in my life, but in these days of worldwide recession that measure is deeper and wider than normal.

We live in Canada, in a province that so far is a "Have" province. We don't have great fields of empty houses or thousands of people lining up for a chance at a job here. I am thankful, not that I am not like those who are hurting, but thankful that those difficulties are not a part of my experience, for now.

...for now.

Here is a photo essay of the effects the recession is having around the world.

No pictures of Canada I notice.


  1. Have to feel for the people affected. There's so much uncertainty about how hard and long it's going to hit Canada.

  2. May Canada continue to be a nation of generally prudent, hard-working and soundly financed people. The more I hear about this country the unhappier I am, particularly as people apparently wish to spread the misery of the private sector to the public sector.


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