Thursday night

Thursday, March 19, 2009
The past two days have been quieter than what they've been previously and when that happens it allows me to start to catch up on some neglected things. Kinda sad that as a pastor it still can be an adrenaline rush when you are busy, then when things quiet down you start to wonder of your effectiveness.

But there have been a couple of good conversations in the past couple of days. The kinds of conversations that might take a long time to trust the new pastor with, so they don't come up very early in the relationship. But that is another encouraging thing about the work here, it's already transitioning to more one on one work, which is what I find most rewarding.

Tomorrow there are another couple of conversations planned, then it's the weekend again. Just keeps rolling over and over, one day into another.

Nothing profound here tonight, just living life one day after another.


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