This week on Twitter 2009-03-11

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

  • Night internets. I think I can finally sleep now. #

  • Wow, what a change from yesterday. Bright, sunny and warm out there. #

  • School buses not running today. Snow day for Micah I guess. No snow day for me cause I can walk to my office. #

  • We are at a silent auction fundraiser for micah s school. I may have bought a load of grain. #

  • Off to a highschool fundraiser supper tonight. The bigband music should be good! #

  • Time change tonight. Loose an hour of sleep. Sheesh Alberta! #

  • So, what if I just choose to not spring ahead, couldn't we all live within our own individual time zones?? #

  • Long day on the road, bad snow, nearly home. #

  • Stopping in town for supper at the wok and roll. Guess the food. #

  • Laying in bed not sleeping, reading tweets of other people laying in bed not sleeping. Odd but strangely comforting. #

  • It's colder now than it was at 5 am. -34 C. It's March for pete's sake!!! #

  • I'm exhausted. It's been a long long day. Night Internets. #

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