Well, that's almost the day then

Thursday, March 12, 2009
I suppose I shouldn't be, but I am surprised at how much work it is just to get ourselves transfered from one province to another. The key I think, is patience grasshopper.  It just takes time I suppose.

This morning at 9ish the call came back to help us with an auto insurance quote. She was very helpful and explained the process and options with me. Immediately after that call I began the process to get my history faxed to me here in The Field. Immediately following that, I started the process to get those documents to the lady I spoke with this morning, and now I am waiting for a call from the lady with the next steps.

In the mean time we checked with Alberta Health on the status of our application. Apparently we faxed in the temporary Drivers licenses rather than the permanent ones that were required. Ah, good thing we called then. So we faxed in a copy of the new, permanent licenses, which has a photo of me on it in which I look like a russian mob guy trying to immigrate...

And that brings me to 2:30 pm and next up is the call from the insurance lady.

Pretty much the day there. I've written a few quick emails and a few other things, but nothing that requires my attention for more than a minute.

I think it might be easier to move from one European country to another than it is to move from one Canadian province to another.

Time will tell.


  1. The dreaded 'systems'! They are supposed to be there as a 'service' to the people...but often prove to be a service to themselves. Hang in there, things do get sorted out eventually.


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