This week on Twitter 2009-04-01

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

  • Overtime. Tied at 1 #

  • Dang twitter had me back at the hockey game I was at last week, this morning at 3 am!! #

  • You know i may twitter more if i had a personal assistant to do it for me. not a bad idea. Course then I would need writers too. #

  • Big date night tonight, Untill we got to the nice Italian place that had a 2.5 hr wait while they made 200 lasagnas. Ended up at wallmart. #

  • Alright already hit a different note piano tuner guy. #

  • Just thinking out loud ... does God build the church or do people build the church?? #

  • Off to Ponoka for supper with a gang of young parents. Isn't Ponoka known for something else around here? #

  • The snow looks to be melting from the middle of the fields. Brown grass is taking over the vista. #

  • Bonne nuit a Internet, bien dormir. #

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