Naked Chef cooks for world leaders

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
He's a chef I've been a fan of for a few years now, and I follow him on Twitter, but today he's cooking for the worlds hob knobs in London.

That's one gig where you don't want to serve the slightly off oysters. Could lead to world chaos and wars.

Jamie's got some pics here.

Check out the menu.
What a feast.


  1. Will you still be a fan when you find out that his kids' names are:

    Petal Blossom Rainbow (born this morning) with big sisters Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo.

    Some interesting choices there. :)

  2. Poppy and Daisy i was aware of, but not yet Petal.

    Petal Blossom Rainbow is kinda, well, interesting in a happy sort of way.

    Hope she doesn't struggle with overweight and sever depression and acne. That could make her name a bit of a harsh identity.

  3. sometimes i cook naked....i get that from my mom.

  4. You guys ! You think us Brits are all upright and traditional, but obviously we all have children named after flowers and cook in the nude - not caring how risky and painful that might be.

    Not sure what "hob knobs" are - sounds a bit rude or like a type of biscuit from here. Still, glad your anglophilia is alive and well - we love your lumberjacks and maple syrup too !


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