Tonight the quality of the stillness is good

Saturday, March 14, 2009
It allows room for God to move freely and he is.

The faces of people pass by my mind and my spirit is stirred and that usually means I get to pray for them. So that's what I am doing tonight.


But by this point in my life, it's more of a clear prayer of my spirit and mind, rather than a list of things I want to see God do for these people. And as their/your faces move into my mind, my spirit is moved in certain ways for them. So I go and pray in that holy space, in my spirit, for you, in ways that God knows.

Yes, I know, strange, or weird even. But I love it. There is something of great freedom not having to keep up lists with God so that he will do the right things in the lives of the people I love and care about. And since he knows you better than I do, he gives me different things to pray for you than I would pray myself.

Prayer has become such a different gift to me over the years.

For years it's simple and basic, and then He introduces me to another level in the spaces of prayer. I pray there for a long time thinking that this is it, and then He takes me to another level. Each level more satisfying than the previous. I think that is how it is with God. You think you have it all and it's only a sliver of what he wants for you. There is more and more and more to know and explore of him, with him.

Sometimes life gets stuck in little eddies where you go round and round never getting anywhere. Maybe you need those times to get hungry again or to get desperate again, and then you shoot out into the current of his work in your life and you move forward again. Always new places to explore and grow into, with God. Always something you didn't know or places you've never been, with him.

You will never outgrow God and you will never out think him and you will never out know him. For on the day you do, you will become your own god. The pride of your own heart and mind will seek to raise you up, but you will fall and either admit your failure, or you will die.

I'm praying for you tonight, that you might not fall. Or, if you've fallen, that you might have the grace to admit it. And in that grace, to know life, like you've never known it before.

From the field.

Winter Sunrise


  1. I hope your sleep is peaceful tonight, my friend.

  2. Such gentle sharing.

    Thanks for this.

    God bless

    Vicki from Ottawa and a frequent reader of your blog


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