And 18 days later the car is ours

Monday, March 16, 2009
Some observations.

In Alberta to buy a car, you need to

-Select a car
-Pay for car and receive bill of sale from seller.
-Call or visit an Insurance Broker.
-Get quotes from Broker.
-Select quote you like. ($855 for me)
-Fax in signature.
-Receive complete forms via email.
-Visit the only privatized auto registration company in town which is only open office hours during the week.
-Buy and pay for a new plate and sticker for the year. ($70 per year. $70.40 if you use Debit.)
-Place plate on the purchased auto.

In Saskatchewan to buy a car, you need to

-Select a car
-Pay for car and receive bill of sale from seller.
-Call or visit an Insurance agent.
-Decide if you want more than the required coverage.
-Buy and pay for a new sticker for the car. ($650.00)
-Place sticker on the plate.

Living 35 kms from town makes the process a bit trickier but it's finally done.
And now I know how its done here. Hopefully next time it will be faster.

And if you're just moving here from Sask and need a little help, gimme a call.


Oh and the car?

A 2001 Crown Victoria LX
The Crown Vic


  1. Ooo a Crown Vic. You can take off your hub caps and pretend to be a ghost car ;)

  2. I was just going to say I'll get you some red & blue lights for the dash & rear window... Angie beat to the ghost car joke.

  3. :)

    I uh, do have a small light that flashes red and blue and I have considered it...

    at least out in the field.

  4. Ahh! It's such an old person car!

    Too bad you've still got ages to go before you're a real grandpa; you're just a few years ahead of yourself with the car.

  5. Hey and I heard today that you sold the van. Hooray!

    How many more steps until you've completely shed Saskatchewan and embraced Alberta?

  6. Yeah, It's exactly the kind of car grandpa Friesen would be impressed with. A large luxury Ford.

    It's good for now, floats down the highway, and gets about 30 mpg on the highway.

    And yeah, the van sold yesterday.
    Today in the wallmart parking lot I saw one just like it, and my heart hurt just a little bit.

  7. 30 mpg isn't at all bad, considering the size.

  8. Saucey yourself mr. theboyscanswim.


    And for those who asked, it will take some time to name her. These things only come about as you discern their personality.

  9. So how come you know this vehicle is female ? It looks a bit butch to me. However, if you were to respray it pink I might be persuaded....go on, I dare you !


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