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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
One of the graces I am loving the most living in this field is the discipline of early morning prayer that a few guys started at 6:30 Tuesday mornings. We take turns meeting in town or here in the field, and anyone is welcome.

This morning Wayne and I drove through the darkness and lightly falling snowflakes, and we talked of life as we drove into town. This morning there were eight of us gathered and when we arrived the coffee was already on and drinkable. We connect, share a few stories of our lives or of people we've heard of, and then we pray for a bit. Nothing long or big, no secret agenda, just guys gathered early to connect and pray for our families, church, community, and world.

It's good and I've discovered that I need these guys. I appreciate so much, not that they gather to pray, but that they gather to listen. To me, to one another, to God, they just listen, and then we go to God and admit our limited abilities with these things.

To me when men gather to pray, especially giving up sleep to do it, that's the real deal. There is amazement when each week, seven, eight, nine, or thirteen guys crawl out of bed, drive a distance, just to talk to God together. I understand that to be a powerful thing, and so far for me it's been powerful.

Next week, Tuesday morning at 6:30 am, we will be meeting at the church.
You are invited.

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