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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Tonight we completed a congregational meeting which is kind of a place where we gather to talk about all the things God is doing in and through out work here. Often people come and go from church without any idea of the day to day impact the church is having on the community and that's why these meetings are good. They give us space to tell of Gods goodness and grace to us over and over again.

Tonight was no different, and God is at work here, in and through us.

We're starting to talk about how we can care for our community, how we can take down walls that keep us apart from the world we live in. That's an exciting discussion for me because really our faith isn't worth much unless it changes us and our behaviour.

So now I am exhausted and I'm heading home to bed.

Tomorrow we get ready to go to Surrey BC for some meetings this weekend. Lauralea and I are driving out there and back so that should be fun. What isn't fun is telling Lauralea that I'll be working a lot out there, especially on her birthday. She is less than impressed and I understand that.

But it will be good to see Nate & Johanna again.

Thats all from the field.



  1. Randy, I need to ask you a question - what are the other kinds of love besides agape? I thought that there were three or maybe five of them - also I need there meaning - please- thank you.

  2. Hey Jean,

    Check this out and see if its what you are after:

  3. Thanks Randy, Yes, that is what I was after. Safe trip to you both. lol


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