This week on Twitter 2009-04-22

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

  • Wow, three large deer just went skipping past my office window. That doesn't happen in the city. Especially in a 6th floor office window! #

  • Up in Whitecourt now. Micah and I are heading to Grand Prairie to get the kids from college. #

  • I had a headache, and the only pills I could find were in my shaving kit. I ate 1 so either my sinuses are clear or I can't get pregnant... #

  • I'm sitting in the dining hall where I spent 4 years in college 22 years ago. The tables are the same. So is the spirit. #

  • Just been walking, these streets have so many memories of our first year of marriage. God is still walking these streets too. #

  • Goodnight internets. From the guys dorm where i spent 3 years. #

  • Oh man it's windy here now. Heading to the graduation service then pack some more, then start for home. #

  • Sitting at the Boston Pizza in Whitecourt, getting supper. Very tired. #

  • Well the kids are home. You can tell because the dishwasher isn't getting filled with dirty dishes, the sink is. Time for a lesson. #

  • Enjoyed my first G&T of the season tonight. Lauralea is a star mixer. :) #

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