Road Trip

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Tomorrow morning bright and early, Lauralea and I hit the road for 13 hours as we drive through the mountains to the coast.

We are heading to our group of churches annual get together and this year it's down in Surrey BC, which also is near where Johanna and Nate are living. So we will be able to see them too.

And I shall be working. Attending meetings, and doing some Spiritual Direction, as well as getting in on a board meeting. Usually I attend these things alone and I just really focus on work and ministry, early in the morning till late at night. This time it's different because Lauralea is coming along, and maybe we can hang out a bit together.

Anyway, we're already in a bit of tension mode around here. At least we'll have 13 hours sitting beside each other tomorrow.


So, all things work out, we'll see you on the other side of the rockies.


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  1. These things can actually be a real source of tension. It is quite difficult for a partner to come along on a work trip: they expect access to their other half as normal and you, as the working one, lose both the freedom and the peace from interruption from outside. We decided after the trip to Sienna back in '06 that we'd not do it again. Now if I go somewhere for work Chris doesn't expect to come and I resist the desire to ask her. It is disappointing, because she is my closest friend, but it caused more friction than it was worth.

    I hope it works well for you, and your experience is not like ours.


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