Lotus Land: An update

Saturday, April 25, 2009
I'm sitting in the annual meeting where we are hearing stories of life and work where our collection of churches are at work together, and actually as I sit here in the sanctuary, lo and behold there is a WiFi signal, which means, INTERNET.

It's good to sit here among friends and drink Krispy Kreme coffee and talk and connect and share life together again.

So, some observations on this place?

-The speed signs on the roads seem to be, at best, suggestions. I like suggestions.

-Boy there are a lot of people around here, and multi-cultured too. I've sure missed that over the years. Yesterday I stopped at a local store to get Lauralea's birthday, a mall actually, and it had a whole Asian grocery store that was full of shoppers. It was so cool.

-And while I was at the mall, I went to get some cash and the bank was being robbed. I guess that happens here, probably more so than in The Field where I live now.

-It's been mostly sunny out, well except for this morning a bit. I was looking forward to overcast cloudy days.

-This place is starting to grow on me. Two days ago it was a bit of culture shock, from the field to the city, but now it's looking not so bad. Lots of physical beauty here, lots of cultural variety, lots of fast roads, lots of opportunities, lots of everything it seems.

-I met and spent some time with a Palestinian believer who is speaking here at the meetings. I have to say that it was amazing to listen to him and hear his story of faith. It's really tough over there, and the tensions there, and living within that world, is a real story of God at work, and true discipleship. Amazing.

-I am now the ministerial chairman for the Canadian conference. It's surprising to see me doing that and to consider that we've been a part of this group of people for eleven years. Somewhere and somehow I've moved into the age of being a part of the senior pastoral group; not a young pastor, not an old pastor, but mid pastor somewhere with experience and heart that is somehow respected. Kind of surprised me.

-I found a Krispy Kreme donut place on the way to the church this morning. Most excellent I must say. You'll be pleased to know that I kept my limit to two donuts.

-Yesterday Lauralea turned 46. She's now the older woman that I married 23 years ago. I've actually been with her more years than I've been alone. A shocking but not unpleasant turn of events.

-It's so cool to see Nate & Johanna again, and to see where they have settled down and are making their lives. It staggers my mind to think how they moved into this very crazy world and began to carve for themselves a good life. God is here with them, and it's so fun to see them living life. I will miss them again when we leave.

-The forecast for the trip home is for lots of snow through the mountains. It may take us a lot of extra time to get home, especially through the passes. I hope it will be alright.

That's the report from the lower mainland, in British Columbia Canada.


  1. sweet - there's a Krispy Kreme - you'll have to tell us where! :)

  2. Good to hear it's going well for you on so many levels.


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