Easter 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009
was a good season this year. We kept busy and that was helpful as we figure out what the new way of living is these days.

Thursday evening was our local Maundy Thursday service. It's easily my favourite gathering of the year. It's an intimate gathering and we share scripture together and we share communion together and pray and sing for an hour.

Good Friday we attended the service in town that a number of churches celebrate together. I shared a part of the preaching duties, and it was a good time, and filled to overflowing with people.

Today was our Easter service, and of course there were plenty of visitors today too. Either family visitors or those who attend church regularly, on Christmas and Easter... But it was a good time in worship today. Preaching the good news is always, always good.

Then for lunch we went to some friends home and ate with their family and a few friends. After lunch, Micah and I and the father and son from the family headed outside to do some Skeet shooting. Turns out, I'm not that good, but Micah, well he isn't bad at all. And good grief how loud is a 12 gauge shotgun, and the kick, wow.

Around five we got back home and as I settled deeply into the couch for a long awaited nap, the phone rang and some of Lauralea's relatives were in the area with their trailer and so came over for a visit and the night.

So right now is the first time all day I've had time to sit down and write.

Yeah, and I am tired, so I'm off to bed.
Not a bad weekend after all I'd say.


  1. I had one opportunity in college to skeet shoot but the gun was way too big, so I couldn't nestle in my shoulder properly. Imagine that kick on your upper arm instead of your shoulder where it belongs. Now imagine the bruise that followed...

  2. I'm glad that all was well and hope you're enjoying some of that particular sort of relaxation that only comes the day after Easter Sunday.

    However, I am a little perturbed - your twitter currently says that Christ rose 21 hours ago. Just what has the church been doing all these centuries......

  3. Will you and Micah be going hunting this fall? There must be some good goose-hunting opportunities in your area.

  4. Barb - to answer your question, 'God only knows'.



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