The Great Malmo Easter Egg Hunt 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Lauralea may have just started something that may have to be continued next year, that is if there isn't two feet of snow on the ground. Today after church she hosted an Easter Egg hunt in our back yard for the kids from church.

We found egg shaped packages of play-doh that she dispersed on the back lawn, and there you go, non-candy easter eggs for young kids.


Yeah, the kids had fun, but so did the parents, and she did too.


So she might have started something here.

By late in the day she was already planning next years hunt.

I wonder if that's the first Easter Egg hunt in the 110 year old history of the church here?

Anyway, it was fun.

Nice one L.


  1. I like that. Sounds like a cool and fun time for the kids.

  2. ha, "allright kids go find easter eggs in the grave yard..."

  3. One girl mentioned that she didn't like going by the graveyard, but I assured her that those neighbours are really very quiet...


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