Lauralea beat me to it

Friday, May 29, 2009
I sat down to write a post and checked with Lauralea's blog and realized she had written the same post I was going to write, except she writes it better.

She writes;

It is slowly dawning on my beach-drugged mind, that rest does not equal sloth. That inactivity is not, of necessity, a damnable thing. That rather than holding on with both hands until this or that curve of the ride is over, and then trying to quickly catch one’s breath while the roller coaster climbs the next rise, it is better to learn restful balance.

Randall and I talked about what God would teach us, here in The Field. Make no mistake- every situation he’s called us to has not been for the church alone. Maybe they learned something too; maybe we helped them somehow; but we can see the things that God taught us, and chart our own growth and maturing process along the way.

We wondered, then, what this phase in our life would be about.

I’m beginning to think that this might be the place God has chosen to bring us to learn balance. To learn a better, more graceful way of living.

That thought actually brings a hopeful little leap of joy to my soul.

You need to go over there and read the rest of her post. She's starting to get it I think.

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  1. I liked your response: "Stillness is not an absence of something, but the presence of something". I am writing that down.

    I think there is a sermon in there, Randall - Ps 46:10. ;)


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